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Ability to do good with our time

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 09 May 2012

It is a known fact that someone addicted to pornography begins to neglect his job, his wife, his children and even himself. He misses out on the best parts of life, such as watching his children grow up, and he lets his life deteriorate until ultimately he loses everything.

On YWN there was an article about the dangers of the internet. In the talkbacks, someone wrote to keep in mind the following idea in order to stay strong:


Chaza"l say that there will be a Din V'cheshbon (judgement and reckoning) for every sin we do. The Vilna Gaon explains the words Din V'cheshbon as follows; There will be Din (judgement) on the aveirah, and Cheshbon (a reckoning) on the wasted time used for that aveirah which could have been put to good use.

We must not underestimate our ability to do good with our time for our family and for the klal (the community). How could one waste time when he could be learning or playing with his kids, or doing a chesed for someone? Go to a hospital or a nursing home, or invite some lonely person over. Do homework with your kids or spend some quality time with your wife. Every second one wastes is not only bitul zman (waste of time), but it is also a lost opportunity to help another Jew.