Monday, 23 January 2012

You Saved My Life

by Josh (See all authors)

Josh posted on the forum:

Wow, unbelievable.... I had to wait to day 88 to gather enough courage to write here.

I have been looking all my life for something like this website and it wasn't till my work mate forwarded me a link to this site... And as soon as I saw this site I started, and B"H haven't fallen and IY"H won't fall ever again.

I would like to thank my work mate who I guess is also finishing his 90 days now, for if not for him who introduced me to this site who knows how much longer I would have continued?

And if you need any help, just know that you saved my life - and that alone should give you enough strength to continue for many more years....

Thank you administration of GYE for all the E-mails and reminders....

The daily emails and reminders, even thought I didn't always have time to read them... Just being in the Inbox reminded me to behave myself and keep away from the bad.