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What's Working So Far

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 08 February 2012

I got an anonymous e-mail about this site and I've been lurking around for about a month now (thank you anonymous yid for e-mailing me!). I figure it's finally time I post a bit about my experiences.

I just made it to level 3 in the 90 day journey. I'm 14 days clean! That's a record for the past 12 months, yishtabach shemo.

My main problem seem to be the standard P and M issues, r"l. I'm in my lower 20s, single, and in college.

Here are some steps I've taken that are working great so far:

1. Working through the GYE handbook and the Attitude Handbook.

2. Stepping out of the room and praying for 10 seconds if inappropriate content appears on my screen, no matter how it got there.

3. Reading the daily Chizuk emails.

4. A daily five minute seder in Esah Einai, a new sefer on shmiras enayim.

5. Prozac, which I've been on for a year. (Helps with depression, anxiety and compulsive or obsessive behaviors)

6. Weekly appointments with a therapist, where we discuss this among other issues.

7. Keeping the door open when web surfing in a room by myself.

8. Installing a good internet filter.

9. Praying for help with these issues, for myself and for klal yisroel.

10. Helping a friend work out his issues in these areas.

11. Reading through the forum and seeing holy Jews in much worse situations break free! What a geshmak to see how much hope there is!

12. Keeping track on the 90 day program.

13. Trying to watch my eyes outside in general.

Breaking free of this is really my number one priority right now - and it's working!!! I've made it 2 weeks now pretty bump-free, yishtabach shemo, probably because of the constant chizuk I'm getting throughout the day (as-per the list above).

Thank you so much. I love all of you and I pray that you'll all break free.