Saturday, 31 December 2011

What a Beautiful Nation

by No Yiush (See all authors)

I'm over 30 days clean since joining the site. I installed k9 and webchaver and gave the password to friends. I also receive the daily chizuk emails and regularly read the GYE site and forums to gain chizuk from other stories. Additionally, I downloaded and read both handbooks front to back, and plan to continue reading them. This, joined with keeping myself busy, seems to be working for now. If it's not enough, I will have to think about joining a phone group. Oh, and writing on these forums helps tremendously as well.

I want all who comment on this thread to know that whatever success I attain in staying away from shmutz, you have a big part of it. GYE and its member are so vital to me and my health. The Jewish people, what a beautiful nation, such love and caring for one another!