Thursday, 02 February 2012

We received two e-mails today - only 15 minutes apart, from both sides of the "religious spectrum".

by Avodas Hashem Yisborach, Lev Tahor, P.P (See all authors)

Rebbe of Thousands

Dear Yesod Oylam,

I am a Rov, Posek, Magid Shiur and Mechaber Sfarim. I have thousands of talmidim. I have been unsuccessfully battling this problem for at least 40 years. I read thoroughly the GYE handbook and would like to make the author my Rebbe."K'mayim korim al nefesh ayefoh", this masterpiece of Gadlus and Katnus has re-instilled a hope within me that maybe I can really be what my talmidim think I am.

I pour out my heart to the Aibishter that one day I'll be able to help you rather than enlisting your help. I wish there were words to convey the magnitude of my bracha to you, for your hatzlacha is the hatzlocha of Klal Yisrael.

Bahava Raba Vahavat Olam,


Not Yet Religious

Hello Guard,

I have been receiving your daily Chizuk emails for about 8 months now, I enjoy and look forward to reading them everyday. I am involved for the last year in SA groups. I am Jewish but not observant right now, I grew up very secular. That being said, I find the 12 steps with Torah commentary that you provide tremendously inspiring and helpful in my recovery. I tell all the frum Jews in my meetings about this site, I think it is absolutely amazing and contains the true spirit of recovery. I only wish sometimes my SA meetings had more of the spirit of this group.

I agree with many of the comments on the forums and emails that your organization is doing very holy work. Keep up the inspiration and emunah! And with much much gratitude and appreciation for what you do.




LevTahor posted on the forum in response to this testimonial:

I found the testimonial to be both jarring and comforting at the same time. I am referring to the letter by a certain Rav, Posek, and Mechaber of seforim who writes how he's happy to have found this site, given his "over forty years of struggling in these areas". It's comforting to read that because sometimes I think I've had these problems due to my non-religious background, growing up non-frum in a goyishe environment, and to this day never having learned for more than a few months in a Yeshiva setting at one time. This Rav's letter assures me that no one is immune to temptations here, from a talmid chacham/Rebbe with thousands of talmidim to an am-ha'aretz poshuter Yid non-FFB like myself.

If this Rav is reading this, let me give him a hearty welcome to GYE. May it help you change, do Teshuva, and be an even greater Rebbe and influence upon your many talmidim!