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We're All in this Together

GYE Corp. Monday, 30 January 2012

"Silentbattle" writes on the forum:

One thing I love about this site is that it deals with different levels of addiction, different types (levels) of aveiros - but everyone helps each grow! Yeah, it could be easy for every person in their own way to look at others and breathe a sigh of relief. And I'm pretty sure that ANYONE here could find some way that they're "not as bad" as other people. But we don't, and I think that's incredible. Instead, we use each other's stories to help promote even more growth.


Dov (sober in SA for over 10 years) responds to "Silentbattle":

Nice point! Thank you for pointing that out. It is a beautiful place here! What you wrote is actually a basic yesod of AA.

You can find the idea in Igerres haRMB"N, sort of, (where he talks about seeing each person as better than us in some way). Also, in the B'nei Yisoscher's sefer on kavonoh in mitzvos called "Derech Pikudecha", he describes an inyan and goes out of his way to suggest it as a tool for how to judge ourselves as lower, in certain respects, than another yid who we know is still being mezaneh, even though we are clean of z'nus.

Obviously, we are not to feel any bit above anyone else. The trick is to do it.