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Ve'amru, Rak Am Chacham Ve'navon

GYE Corp. Thursday, 01 December 2011

An Indian non-Jew wrote to the filter gabai:

I am very disheartened by pornography availability on internet. All our sages in India like Buddha, Mahavira, Guru Nanak, etc suggested us to avoid a provocative environment in the first 12 years of celibacy practice (which is considered the first stage of spirituality to get final Self-Realization in Indian spiritual tradition) and unfortunately, being a software engineer, I had to remain in touch with internet. Every 1-2 months (and once after 6 months), my celibacy practice got broken due to pornography. If not for the pornography on internet, I would have right now crossed 6 years of unbroken celibacy practice. What a mess this internet pornography is making out of everyone!

Net Nanny has got very high ranking in last few years and it costs just $24 per year - which is just $2 per month. If we can pay $50 per month for electricity, I do not find it outrageous to pay $2 per month for getting a service which can make my life free from the degrading influence of porn.

I will make your e-mail filter [dot] gye [at] gmail [dot] com as admin for my filter.

Thank you for providing this valuable service.