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GYE Corp. Thursday, 22 March 2012

I very much feel that this day is & should be a celebrated as a Yom Tov by all GYE members & in general by all of Klal Yisroel! (Reb Guard, I mean NO Tachnun :-) even though it is in the 3 weeks.

I'm sure that the day that GYE was born & shined its light on the world was a day that a huge Ohr (light) came upon this world.

As strong and as powerful the light was & is, that's is how Dark it became in the Y"H's world of Tumah.

No praise that I can give will justify the Greatness of the GYE Website and Y"H Bomber, as well as all the Tzadikim on this site.

Yes! It is the beginning of the Geulah in every sense of the word.

"Geulah!" What is Geulah?!

Geulah is Freedom! Freedom from what?

Freedom from our Holy souls being stuck in our animalistic bodies! Freedom from being tied with the chains of the Y"H! Finally being able to be close to Hashem without any disturbance. La'asos Retzoncha B'Leivov Sholeim!

What will we have from Moshiach if not Kirvas Eloikim?! For those who think that the Geulah will be that they will have an easy time getting earthly desires, I feel pity for them because the Geulah might be a let-down. Ein Ben Chorin Elo Mi She'oseik Betorah! (Only He who Learns Torah Is A Free Man)

That's what GYE helps us accomplish. The beginning of our Geulah (Hischalto D'Geulah) is already in the making so that we will be able to go towards Moshiach with our heads held high knowing that we did what we were able to do. We Fought with every weapon we had against the Y"H. We need not to prove this to anyone, for Hashem knows what we did so that he can show the world & be proud of His Chosen Nation! Hashem will say: "Look at my Children! Look what they had to put up with! And they never gave up!"

No other nation in history has gone through what we have since the beginning of time, and yet we survived and came out shining brighter then ever! This is the biggest proof by far - if you need any - that we are all Bnei Melochim(Children Of Hashem).


This is the Final fight in Ruchnius, and the hardest by far. Hashem listened to our prayers and sent us GuardYourEyes as a very powerful weapon for those who choose to fight to the end. - USE IT! or LOSE IT!