Thursday, 12 January 2012

Two Years Clean!

by Noorah Be'Amram (See all authors)

With the greatest of humility, I thank the Almighty for 2 years clean on April 8th.

The following is partial list of what I attribute the success that I had hitherto - may the Almighty continue protect me amongst all His struggling children!

1 - Non-stop Prayer that Hashem safeguard my eyes and my heart from any sin!

2 - Belonging to this holy website - no kidding - nitfal losei mitzvah

3 - Limiting general computer use to work only, and even then, I'm fanatical regarding a filter - with my wife holding the password.

4 - I try to be mezake the rabbim in my own sphere of influence by promoting, talking and encouraging others about inyanei Kedusha and the dangers of the internet. Educating people about the importance of having no nonsense filters and accountability software.

5 - Learning constantly the Laws of Shmiras Halashon since there is a direct connection between the bris haLashon and the bris Hame'or as mentioned many times on this site and in the chizuk emails.

6 - Removing the glasses when necessary and trying to be cognizant of the concept of "Ikka Darka Achrina".

7 - Being extra vigilant with hilchos Yichud in the office, with cleaning help, etc

I lift up my hands in prayer to Hashem that He continue to carry me in His Right Hand and protect each and every one of His children on this holy site from all harm.

With tears in my eyes, I thank this holy website for were it not for GYE and the holy chevra on the forum I wouldn't be who I am, where I am and what I am today...if I would "be" at all.

Wishing all my brother warriors a true z'man cheirus - freedom and serenity!

Fiery Love to all,

The smallest from house of Amram