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The pain of looking happy

obormottel Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What is happiness?

Is happiness smiling, telling jokes,

having a good time?

If so why does my soul feel so empty?

Like my very being is getting burned up alive

with no one to put out the fire!

Don't they see someone suffering?

Don't they see someone who's scared to face the cruel world

that she just saw right by her fingertips?

Or they just see that "smile"

that comforts them why bother she looks "happy"

ow, what they don't understand is the pain the shame and the guilt!

So I ask again what is happiness?

Happiness is when my soul feels the truth

happiness is when I am not lying to the world

happiness is when I could look in the mirror and say yes this is who I am

I struggle I fall I get up and struggle again

I fight I lose and fight again

never to give up

when I come to that realization

there is a real smile on my face

I can show the world

that yes I’m happy