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The boredom is worth it

obormottel Sunday, 04 March 2018

I want to share a quick tip that sounds easy, takes a huge commitment, but reaps huge rewards.

I committed to never bringing my phone to the bathroom with me. I noticed that 95% of temptation came when I was alone in a private area. (I’m married so that’s the only actual private area guaranteed to be alone). It was very hard at first because I was bored! Many times! I’m still bored! But I ask myself - is it worth it to be bored for 5 minutes to win this and not have to fail and feel the despair that goes along with that? YES!

So I persisted and overnight my struggle went from huge to teeny. I did slip when the yetzer hora convinced me a few times to bring my phone in JUST for a game.. and each time I failed. So I got stronger in my commitment to never bring my phone in. And BH, it is almost half a year now, and I have finally found peace, control, the ability to win over this!!! I think that this little commitment - to be bored in the restroom 5 minutes a day - is the trick that helped me win.