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Success built on dilligence

obormottel Thursday, 08 March 2018

Hello, dear GYE!

Please say THANK YOU to the founder and to the sponsors of GYE. I am very thankful to your holy team. Kol a kavod!

I reached 90 days on the 1st attempt, BH. It was not hard. Now I am 137 days clean from m'zl and watching p-n. According to GYE criteria clean for 110 days. Continue updating on the Wall of Honor.

I must say my discovery of the site where many frum jews like me are working on the same problem gave me a lot of inspiration. I felt that G-d gave me the help I needed for so long, while struggling alone.

Additionally, I tried to be a good talmid and read everything I found in the GYE Handbook. For rather a long time, I faced a problem of being without a partner as I live in Europe. So I tried to talk to others on the online chat. I tried to be disciplined in reading the chizuk emails. Updated the 90-day chart.

I published "My story and my way" - my own topic on the board "On the way to 90 days" on the forum, where I wrote all my struggle story.

Also, I continue learning about the addiction. After reading the Handbook, I started reading the AA Big Book.

I have one devoted partner, who is much older than me and is sober for a long time. I told him all my dirty laundry as sincerely as I could. I told him the things, which I never told anyone.

I plan to join Dovid Chaim's conference calls and to stay in touch with my dear partner, with whom I consulted much through email and phone calls and I will continue to stay in touch.

Undoubtedly, it's G-d Who sent him and you to me. Thank you!