Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Stop and think

by Getting Help, PoshutYid (See all authors)

"GettingHelp" posted on the forum:

It is truly amazing to see that when I stop and think before doing anything, good or bad, the few seconds of really thinking through of what I am about to do or want to do, helps put me in line. If I could only think before I act, I would be so far ahead of the game. I know that I am only human, and this will take some hard work.

I am like a kid before his birthday, I can't wait to actually have my brain think in a clear and holy way after 90 days. I so desire to be a holy yid!

"PoshutYid" wrote us an e-mail:

IY"H by Monday morning I will have a full month under my belt. I can say without a doubt that this group has helped me tremendously and I owe you all a huge amount of hakaras hatov. I cannot tell you how much more in control of my life I feel.

It has not come without challenges, but B"H with S"D I am still determined to fight this all the way. In fact, the yetzer tried to get me to go onto Facebook and look at some of the pictures over there with the rationalization that it is not pornography. I actually listened and went but I shut it down before I could really focus on it. I know this is his way of getting me to do something seemingly innocent which will lead me down a horrible path.

On a positive note I am davening better lately and I started a shiur this week. IY"H the Torah will replace the Tumah in my head and I will be able to be mekadesh my body, mind and speech.