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obormottel Sunday, 24 July 2016


I am over two years sober via SA and GYE. I have participated and led many of the GYE phone meetings


Sober for over 13 months. Go to SA meetings after a few months on GYE. Learn in kollel. Was very very afraid to join SA, but this history.. and want to help others get recovery!


I have been clean for four months now. And I hope that the rebono shel oilam will allow me to have this mitzvah as a zechus for my recovery.


I am b"h clean for 6 months now with the help of this wonderful program (GYE) and the 12 step SA program, and I am forever grateful for that.


I am a modern yeshiva guy who has been struggling with online pornography for over 25 years and was never able to stop for more than 6 month at a time. I have been part of the GYE community for the past 7 years and thanks to GYE, marriage therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, calling brothers, and the live meetings that I have been going to for the past 7 years, I have been able to maintain a long streak of sobriety. Though I have never completed the 12 steps, I believe that with all the recovery and guidance that I have received in the pass 7 years and continue to receive that I can be helpful for whoever is looking for an extra hand.


i never thought I would get there. In the end I conquered the YH with reading torah, studying Judaism and putting my needs to one side to serve HaShem and my wife, and it kind of faded away.... its like getting a monkey off your back!