Monday, 19 December 2011

Reaching Out

by Yedidya Aleph (See all authors)

I want to express my gratitude to GYE for my new round of sobriety.

After 49 days of sobriety, I fell. I was slipping and sliding and was having a very difficult time regaining my sobriety. At that time I was trying to find a sponsor from GYE.

I reached out to one of the GYE "chevra" through PMs, E-mail and telephone. He mentioned to me that he goes to live S.A meetings. I was pretty frustrated at that point, and when I found out that the meetings were only a few blocks away from my office in Manhattan, I went running over there. My new friend agreed to be my sponsor and I have been going to the meetings regularly since then. B"H, I feel that this round of sobriety from m* and p* is much more solid. Since then, I've learned that the most important day of sobriety is today.