Thursday, 04 June 2015

Picking myself up with a smile

by Aaron (See all authors)

I"ve been receiving your emails for a good couple of months now, and I thank Hashem for them. It gives me great chizuk in my times of need. I notice from time to time how my demeanor has changed changed for the better. For example, I live a very hectic life with KE"H a decent size family. Some of the children are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and keep us on our toes. Many a times, it gets to a breaking point from all the tension. I start feeling sorry for myself, and get depressed. Once depressed, it's downhill from there. Lately, I stop myself and think. What does Hashem want from me? What will I accomplish by getting depressed? He gave me so much! I start thinking, what have I read in the GYE emails I receive, how people, just like me, get tested and pass with flying colors! I want to be just like them. So, I pick myself up and continue with a smile (most of the time).

I have been clean now for about 4 months, B"H. This is not my longest streak, but it's different now. I have a purpose, a goal and an understanding of what is expected of me. I'm so proud to part of GYE and even prouder to be part of Klal Yisroel.

Thank you Hashem!