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One Year Clean

obormottel Thursday, 25 January 2018

Boruch Hashem, I have passed the year-mark of staying clean, of growing, learning, accepting, listening, and getting to know some wonderful people. In a certain way, the last item on the list - getting to know some wonderful people - was and is probably the most important, and the most life-altering. Because that is why there is "cleanliness," growth, knowledge, acceptance, and some level of understanding.

Thank you to the anonymous forum posters who have cheered me along, agreed with me - and argued with me, guided me, suggested advice, shared their own successes failures strategies and challenges, and encouraged me to keep posting.

Thank you to the chevra who were brave enough to trust me with their real phone numbers. You were there for me when I needed a good word, some mussar or advice, a kick in the pants, or just to share life's challenges. You also opened your personal lives to me and allowed me to be there for you. You gave me self-confidence, purpose, and direction. The satisfaction of crossing hurdles together with you (whether your frustrating moments or mine), and having who to celebrate (or cry) with is immeasurable.

Thank you to the chevra who were really courageous and agreed to meet in person. You really "did it". That's what I needed. To meet real people, nice people, healthy well adjusted people, ehrliche people, singles / marrieds / divorced / yeshivish / chassidish / modern / sfardi, all struggling with the same thing. I became part of a family. No more was I the loser. No more was I the rasha. No more was I suffering in silence and all alone. Plus, you showed me, yes even those of you who fell very far down, - that it can be done. Some of you are super successful BH. Some are still having ups and downs. But all are growing, being more and more successful, showing me and anyone else who wants to see, that a yid in 2017 can stay clean!

Thank you GYE - founder, administrators, donors, and anyone else involved. Only Hashem knows the reward waiting for you for the "kedusha revolution" you have trail-blazed. And as a side byproduct maybe without you realizing it, you have also healed so many people from depression, anxiety, shalom bayis issues, etc, etc...

Thank you Hashem. It is simply not possible to describe the chessed You have shown me during my "journey". I feel as if You placed Your hands on my head and benched me. There is a lot more to say, but Chazal warn us not to list praises of Hashem for fear of limiting all that He has done - which is truly limitless.

Upon reaching the year milestone, I realize that in reality, it is just another day. May Hashem grant all who read this and everyone else too, the hatzlocha to conquer this scourge, and the peace of mind to calmly reach milestones and have them pass by without even noticing. Hatzlocha to all.