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Not Everyone is an Addict

obormottel Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Someone wrote to Dov recently:

Hi Dov,

I recently listened to a bunch of recorded calls from your morning Q and A series while I did some painting at home the last few days.

I appreciate the time and attention you put into getting help to folks.

I also appreciate the many times you emphasize on those calls that not everyone is an addict. During most of the other GYE phone conference calls, the assumption that is often stated is that if we are on the calls, we are therefore addicts. That has made me, and probably others, nuts - trying to see if I am or I am not - and a whole lot of mental energy spent trying to cram my problems and challenges into the 'addict box'.

Footnote by the editor: For the above-stated reason, GYE is in the process of dividing the website into two separate websites; one for non-addicts and one for addicts. We hope it will be ready by the end of 2017, be"h.