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Not Addicted - Thank G-d!

By a Teenage Girl - a new GYE member

obormottel Monday, 02 May 2016

I just saw the video from FightTheNewDrug and it really scared me. I don't even know if I wanted to see that video...

I guess it's better to be aware, but at the same time... I am far far from being exposed to that sort of thing, I have a strong filter and I am too scared to venture too far on the net, but I guess the "what if" is always there?

The truth is, when I was sixteen-seventeen, I found myself wasting an abnormal amount of time on the computer, but the day I realized that, I immediately stopped wasting time! But now it's different, I just can't stop unless I turn off the computer... I am going through a "rough" time, and I guess that's where my inability to stop comes from.

I would not say I am addicted. The term bothers me because, in my mind, it just makes me a victim of something stronger than me, and somewhat frees me of a responsibility that is really all mine.

Beezras Hashem, with your help I will stop wasting the precious time Hashem has given me, and I will become again the active force in my life.

Thank you for your help and tizku lemitzvos!