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Nedarim Seyag L'prishus

By Shoimer88

obormottel Thursday, 23 November 2017

I grew up with full internet access and became addicted at a young age. It had been about fifteen years and I don't believe I had gone a full week without acting out. Now I have become a member of GYE and through the Taphsic program I have been clean for 50 days! I didn't believe there was any hope for me as I was so sucked into the garbage, but through making a Shvuah I have been able to control myself from "just" doing it because I could and there was nothing to stop me. Now when I'm bored or feeling down and the urge comes, I realize that I can't "simply" do it anymore as I would have to pay the price for doing it! I made a Shevua that if I act out, without first calling a friend and telling him that I am going through a hard time - I'll have to fast from dawn until nightfall. If I DO call a friend first, then I "only" have to pay 50 dollars to GYE. With these Gedarim up it makes the urge to "just do it" much, much weaker! I don't want to pay 50 dollars for this! Kein Yirbu I am going strong and hope to make it to 90 days without a hitch.

Thank you GYE!