Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Wife's Change of Heart

by Yidster (See all authors)

I would like to give a big thank you to GYE. Last week my wife saw the delete history box open on the computer and she asked me if I have been watching stuff again and I told her point blank about my addiction (P..n) and that it has been going on for years.... She was shocked beyond words. She could not understand how someone like me could be watching this stuff, "I am supposed to be good... everyone knows that"... bla bla bla... And of course, I did not blame her for being mad at me, I tried to explain that I tried stopping many times and that I have been going to SA meetings and that there are other nice frum people who suffer from this....

Well, she did not talk to me for three days. I told her about the GYE website and she went to check it out and she saw my account was logged in so she checked out everything that I posted.... She then told me that she would do whatever she can to help me. When I asked her "what happened? Why the change of heart?", she told me that she read my posts and she now sees where I am coming from. She saw me pouring my heart out for help and she saw that I was sincere and really wanted to change...

This past week we have been extremely close. I am going for 90 meetings in 90 days, and she went to two S-anon (support group for wives) meetings this week. B"H I see a much brighter future coming.

Had I not found GYE and posted my feelings, I don't know if my wife would have believed me or trusted me.

Chevra, keep strong - and as they say in SA, "IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT". Don't just count the days but work the program (what ever program you feel is working for you) each day, one day at a time.