Wednesday, 01 June 2016

My Strategy

By Ploni Almoni

by GYE Member (See all authors)

Two things in the email #1485 I liked very much, and they hit a resonant chord in my neshama. One was the graphic, '4 steps in responding to a porn tease': Get out of the situation. This is one of the strategies that I took upon myself, (even though I was not always successful with it), and also in Dov's response he also touched on this.

I would like to share a strategy that I came up with on my own, which I find helpful. There is a concept of a "Mitzva Overes", if you don't do the mitzva right now you're not going to have the opportunity afterwards. This is something that enters into the picture when one needs to make a decision about what I should do given particular circumstances and time-frame.

I use for myself the concept of an Avaira Overes. If I don't do it now I'm not going to have the opportunity afterwards, sort of. I discovered over many decades of experience that the yetzer doesn't just pound away relentlessly for a long time. The shmutz attack is an attack which, if I don't give in right away, at some point soon will go away, and the yetzer will find some other toy with which to occupy himself. That means, if I can just hold out a bit, the yetzer will give up on this round. So I try to get out of the situation, as above. To leave the computer, to go have a drink, take care of something else that needs taking care of, etc. I have had success with this approach.