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Mazal Tov to Steve on 500 Days Clean!

Steve leads the morning call of Duvid Chaim's cruise.

GYE Corp. Thursday, 12 January 2012

The 12 Step Program teaches us how to become Spiritually Fit, and when I am, the triggers can wiggle by and I just won't care to focus on them. Not 'white knuckling', boys, but BLESSED INDIFFERENCE. And I'm SOOOO thankful to Hashem for giving me of His strength to become Spiritually Fit!!

Rav Dessler points out that LOVE is created by GIVING, not by taking. The more we GIVE to someone, the more we love them. So when in the Shema Yisroel we are commanded to love Hashem, how can we get there? By GIVING to Hashem. But how can we give to He who owns EVERYTHING? We read in Hallel - "What can I give to Hashem for all His kindness to me? The cup of salvation I will raise, and praise the Name of Hashem." All I can give back to Hashem is MYSELF - to try my best to be a good eved and son to him, and to "raise the cup" of my salvation by publicly praising Him for his goodness and kindness to me.

To this end, I am overly thankful to Hashem Yisborach for this delicious milestone he has helped me reach, for by the Grace of G-d I have just reached 500 days clean and sober from the Big Bad M. And of course, I COULD NEVER HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT THE BOOSTER ROCKETS OF MY HIGHER POWER, YOU GUYS IN THE CHEVRA & THE GYE FORUM!

Every day is still a struggle to keep my eyes and my mind pure, but it's the struggle of recovery, B"H, and very rarely white knuckling (but to be honest, sometimes I have to get through it that way still).

May we ALL be zoche TOGETHER to give Hashem Yisborach the ultimate gift, to serve him with Kedusha and Tahara, to elevate our souls and fulfill His will always!