Mazal Tov to "Phillip" for reaching 90 days

by Phillip (See all authors)

B"H I have reached 90 days. Mazal Tov. I can't begin to express my gratitude to you and your web site on helping me reach this stage.

The way I look at 90 days, is like finally finishing the first step to healing from this disease. I see this as being the first step of a long journey that I am eager to participate in. It's like getting out of Mitzrayim, but yet I still have to be mekabel the Torah.

Whatever way I look at it though, its the first step to something bigger.

The Mazal Tov goes to both of us and for every participant on this website. Because my success is just a reflection on the success of your website.

Thank you for everything.


I would like to share another inspiring post from "Phillip" when he reached 50 days clean:

I can't thank you guys enough for helping me get to where I am right now. This coming Purim I will B''H also have a personal miracle to celebrate besides for the custom miracle which we all celebrate every year, thanks to your incredible website.

It has not been an easy road, but thanks to this website, the daily emails and the weekly SA meetings, I have been able to remain strong.

I have learnt 2 Yesodos regarding being clean:

1) In order to carry on being clean one has to accept that he will be an addict for life and that the struggle will remain with him until he is a 120 years old and nothing less. By accepting this, it makes it easier to hold up your shield on a daily basis, no matter if you are sober for 50 days, 5 years or 25 years. Obviously it will get easier as time goes on and we will learn how to control it G-d willing, but one should always have in the back of his mind that he is still an addict and avoid lust. Once we take that first drink of lust we can easily become powerless, no matter how long we have been clean for.

2) Take one day at a time, for me that really helps. Whenever one is faced with a challenge he shouldn't look in to the future but rather tell himself that the important thing is to survive this very day and to try to stay sober at least until tomorrow. Whatever happens after that is irrelevant because one can only control the present moment and nothing else.

Nothing is ever a guaranty but one can only gain by trying different methods.
May hashem give us all the strength to carry on fighting.

People, we need to look at those who are succeeding, like Phillip, and learn what really works. Yes, it takes effort (doesn't anything worthwhile?), but if we truly want to heal, let us learn the techniques from these true courageous warriors who are willing to do whatever it takes!