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Mazal Tov to Aaron on ONE YEAR CLEAN!

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Here is the e-mail we got from Aaron:

GYE Corp. Thursday, 22 March 2012

B"H doing well. Still going strong, although the summer is tough. I'm one year clean this Sunday, you can update my chart on the "Wall of Honor". That doesn't mean I'm "in control" or "recovered" though, not only are those conclusions dangerous, they're not true! I find that my madregah is proportionate to my connection to Ruchniyus. If I learn every day and occupy my mind with Torah and Hashkafah, I'm in good shape. If I let even brief thoughts of lust slip in, I feel myself sliding - it's so powerful. Lust and Ruchniyus are mutually exclusive! One will not coexist with the other and lust will crowd out any competition. Despite knowing this, I face daily challenges. I know that the "do not cross" line is still not very clear for me. Once I slide, it's a very short road to acting out, despite being clean and despite all I've achieved. This terrifies me and keeps me in check.

I'd like to stay in touch more often, but I get the feeling that you're swamped now with the site's continued success. B"H it's taking root! Of course it would be better if fewer people needed it, but the site is the cure, not the cause.

I read every e-mail on both Chizuk lists and get a tremendous amount of insight and Chizuk. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Keep up the good work!