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Marriage Turn-Around (Copy)

By Skeptical

the.guard Wednesday, 02 November 2016

I was a guy who used to fall multiple times a day. Recently, I've been working really hard on myself and, with the help of GYE, I was able to stay clean for 6 months straight!

After a recent fall, I opened up to my wife about it immediately, and she was able to take it a lot easier because we've been talking about this stuff much more openly. I had made up that in the event of such a situation, I would be open and honest with my wife (unthinkable a short 6 months ago!).

As I have encouraged others and will continue to do so, I picked myself up, not getting down about it and continuing on with my life.

Here is an email from my wife after I told her:

Thank you so much for being honest with me.
That means more to me than anything else. More than the days racking up, I need to know I can trust you.
And I do.
I do trust you, and I do know I can.
Thank you for that.
But I still want to ask you to be understanding - it's still hard for me. I'm still going to have questions (not accusations, not a criticism, but questions) for the next couple of days. Please bear with me.
I love you!

I'm in a much better place than I was a short 6 months ago. It wasn't always this way. Our first 6-7 years of marriage were VERY rocky. Boruch Hashem, since I began working on myself with the help of this site, my relationship with my wife has improved immeasurably. She noticed the change in me before I even let her know that I was working on things, and she said so. That alone has been very encouraging to me. Just to give you a picture of where I'm coming from, a few nights ago my wife told me that this past anniversary was the first time since our first that she didn't wonder if it would be our last.

Baruch Hashem!!!