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Lorries full with sin

GYE Corp. Sunday, 26 February 2012

I am holding by 22 days clean. Hashem just sent me a really hard test now, but I read what you just sent me (at least five times!), and now I'm feeling better. Thanks. My Rosh Yeshiva said today in the name of R' Yerucham, that we small people reach Yom Kippur with lorries full with sin, and we really need many days Yom Kippur for all that. So he suggests that a person take one sin that he's really struggling with, and at the end of Yom Kippur when we are on the highest level of purity, we should imagine as if we are at the height of passion to sin and instead we say "no", for Hashem's sake we are going to overcome it. That is the best teshuva, and Hashem will automatically forgive us for all our sins. I could imagine how that felt right now, when I was tested. Hopefully I will reach ninety days. This site has really helped me, including the daily emails. I have no words to describe how they are helping me little by little. Every day I eagerly await to receive these emails.