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Leading me in the Right Direction

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 15 February 2012

First of all, I want to congratulate you on improving your site with many new options! They are invaluable tools for all Jews!

Second, I am happy to tell you that I have been close to 100 days clean, THANK G-D, the only One who has made this possible through his kindness!!!

Third, I want to mention that the book "The Light of Ephraim" is one of the best books I have ever read on the subject of Shmiras Habris, and I would recommend it to anyone. When I started reading the book, I thought it was saying that there is no Teshuvah for these sins... but I understood incorrectly, it's exactly the opposite! It's truly an amazing book.

Fourth, this is what I had to do to stay clean:

* I came across your site and similar ones, and went through months of learning, along with strong trials, ups and downs, hardships, crying to Hashem, etc.

* I read the stories on your site, which gave me light years of experience to avoid pitfalls.

* After reading all that stuff, along with some terrible "black mussar" books making me feel terrible, I decided to disappear from internet and just stop doing it!

* Daily reading of Chovot HaLevavot

* Nightly reading of "The Light of Ephraim"

* I made use of heavy Nedarim, making restricting fences for myself all over the place

* I prayed to Hashem, always asking for help with this struggle

I guess we have to be on guard all our lives to really win this war. I am still scared to fall again, May Hashem help us!

Best regards my friend, and thank you for leading me in the right direction, sharing with me your tips and for helping so many along the path. Hashem will surely grant you great merits for your efforts.