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Keep coming back

By Lomed

obormottel Monday, 04 June 2018
Keep coming back

Five hundred - the number of consecutive days that God has kept me sober. I know that this is a major miracle: that I relapsed and recovered, that I didn't feel judged by my recovery friends, and that I stayed sober, although I had many physically and emotionally difficult days. That I found a good therapist that I connected with. That I kept coming back, and that my life is becoming better. And the list goes on. So thank you, Hashem, for guiding me through this time and keeping me sober. Thank you to GYE, SA, and AA. Thank you to my sponsor who is so passionate and caring. Thank you to my “sponsees.” Thank you to my wife and children. Last but not least, thank you to all the wonderful people on GYE. May we all be blessed with another sober day, full of acceptance and serenity.

If I may add a word: please don’t give up before Hashem shows you the way to recovery and sobriety. With determination and lots of Tefila, we will B’ezras Hashem recover from this mess, grow, and live to fulfill our purpose.