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It's not hard once you bring Hashem in the picture!

obormottel Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I'm a teenager.

I was out of hope. I couldn't stop; it was painful to stop and the desires kept coming. So I decided to learn about wasting seed in general, and when I found out that what I'm doing is a severe sin every time I would be tempted I would speak to Hashem, my Father, about my issues and the fact that I'm hopeless, and lots of times I would burst into tears. Once, I fell and right after I said to Hashem, shaking after falling, and said like a child to his father, "You have to help me, please!" Ever since, Hashem has been walking with me, literally.

My brothers, the key is communication. Just talk to Hashem and you will be successful. I know what you're thinking: that I'm different or have super powers; but that's not true! I was in your shoes and now I realize it's possible!

In order to overcome your yetzer hara, you need to work in other areas as well. Your mind and your soul will be yearning to do good and not to do bad, so when the test comes, you will be more powerful. You have to pour your heart out to Hashem: literally dump all your problems on Hashem. Remember, He knows your life better than you do!

Hatzlacha Raba! May Hashem grant everyone in Klal Yisroel a refuah shlemah!