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I Ran Into the Sukkah

GYE Corp. Monday, 27 February 2012

Last night was very, very tough. My wife had to go out shopping, which would have been a great time for me to act out previously. I won't say I wasn't tempted, but I looked at my personal printout of my 90 day chart and that helped a bit. Still the Y"H kept tempting me, so I literally ran into the Sukkah (even though it was raining) and sat there studying Mishna Sukkah until my wife came home. I can't say I completely lost all desire to act out, but it certainly worked for me this time. I think that yesterday's chizuk e-mail was on the spot when it talked about how useful the physicality of the Sukkah and arbah minim is so vital after the spiritual high of Yom Kippur.

I'm now getting a little worried about the lack of chagim coming up, as I find it really useful to have them to focus on. Maybe I'll start my Pesach preparations really, really early!