Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I'm Still Alive

by RATM (See all authors)

17 days, I'm still alive and I'm feeling better about it all the time.

I am starting to believe I can do this... Not in a cocky "I've got this all figured out in 17 days" kinda way, because I really don't, but I feel like yesterday I may have had my toughest test yet and I passed, and it wasn't impossible... I know and recognize that I am a long ways away.

I was contemplating something Dov said; that an addict always thinks that the woman passing by / girl in the coffee shop, etc... is interested... somehow "destined" for him... and she never is... I've been telling myself that over and over again... I can't really explain why, but just keeping that in mind helps me stay focused... My real problem is p. and m., so you would think Dov's message would ring hollow for me, but it doesn't... So thank you Dov...

One more thing that is helping too: That song Guard posted for Uri's Party: "Anachnu Nitgaber"... I use that as a mantra when I need it, it's great, so thank you Guard.

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