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How is This Site Different from Every Other Site?

obormottel Sunday, 20 September 2015

I would like to express how much "hakaras hatov" I have towards you guys for the day-to-day help with these serious problems I'm dealing with.

You are helping me in such a real way - and the entire Jewish community, as well!

3 great things about the site:

1. Specialization - it addresses the special needs of all these groups: addicts & non-addicts; English speakers, Hebrew speakers, Yiddish speakers, even French speakers; men and women; married and single; teens and older; etc., etc.

2. The level of discourse - probably based on moderators who set the tone - there is real honesty, real mutual chizuk, and real straightforwardness.

3. It works technically, bli ayin hara - I see that there is a tremendous amount of care taken to make sure the links work, the site works smoothly, there are many different features - kol hakavod!

There are other great things, too, of course.

B'hatzlacha to you and your staff on such a wonderful and helpful site. Thank you very much!