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How I got to 90 days clean

By Josh

obormottel Thursday, 01 February 2018

Here are some tips that helped me:

Delete everything (Instagram, snapchat, facebook, Twitter, ifunny, netflix). We trick ourselves into saying this is not pornography, but then the images go into our heads, and since we are on a “kosher” (non-porn) site, we think we can search anything! Then, we start searching stuff which leads to ...

Getting rid of subconscious triggers was a life changer, I didn’t fall even once after deleting these apps, besides that, these social media apps etc. were such a waste of time. Fill your free time up with different things (working out, cooking, sports). Pick up new hobbies. I spent my time working out and B"H I have lost 40 pounds. Thank you GYE!