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Hashem's Grace

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 15 February 2012

To all my friends here,

When I came here roughly 4 and a half months ago, I was barely a few weeks clean from girls, depressed as anything, unhappy with life, suicidal, and just unsure if I would have any future in this world.

By Hashem's grace, I was led to this site and made, what was without a doubt, the best discovery of my life:
A group of amazing men and women that I never would've known existed had I not had this problem.
The care for a fellow Jew....
The sympathy/empathy....
The love.....
The acceptance....

For maybe the first time in my life, I actually opened myself up to people.
I discovered a beautiful person inside. Hashem's creation. Someone with potential.
Some who's life's goal is not just to "make it", but to live and share and experience.
The happiness and freedom that I feel now is something that I never knew even existed.
And it's all thanks to you guys,
to every single person here.

I am now 6 months clean from any improper relationships, for the first time since I first experienced this activity at age 14.

Thank you.


Dov Responds:

Uri, the thing that helps me the most about you is that you don't seem to even consider that you are done. You really want to grow, not just "to exist". And that's not so common.... Chazal say that Avraham Avinu was like a horse running across a muddy pond: he knew that should he stop, he'd just get stuck and be worse off. And he really had Hashem as his very Best Friend in a big, nasty and hostile world, and he made it his job to let everyone else know so that they could have Him too. Just like you do here.