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"Hashem-Help-Me" has BH made it 90 days

obormottel Friday, 24 March 2017

Thank you for setting up this program. BH, I just hit 90 days; something I wouldn't have dared to dream about in the past. But you did so much more for me for which I will be eternally grateful. I thought I joined GYE to stop sinning. I found out I joined GYE to begin living. GYE has taught me in 90 days so much truth about myself that for years I never saw. I am growing as a person in many ways - and before never even realized I was missing so much! ( I was definitely missing humility).
GYE has taught me what intimacy is (and what it is not), and the proper perspective and behaviors in the bedroom (and everywhere else as well - in all husband/wife interactions). Your daily chizuk emails, shiurim (especially R' Simcha Feuerman's chosson shiurim), taphsic (without actual shvua), 90-day incentive chart were all very helpful.
Most probably the main credit for my success goes to the connecting with real people both on the forums and on the phone. Nice, normal, intelligent, ehrlich, caring people who "have been there and done that" make themselves available for all of us scared newcomers who arrive with the ingrained thinking that we are losers and reshaim - and that there is no hope. They are passionate about helping others win this war. Although different members utilize different methods, the common denominator is "it can be done".
During those early days when withdrawal from my "drug" was so horribly intense, they held my hand and kept me going. Thanks to them, I actually believe that bli ayin hora, there is a very strong possibility I will never masturbate again. Personally, my thank you must go one step, actually one dimension further. As I have written in the forums, for the past few years I have had to be taking a "cocktail" of three psychiatric medications. My doctor had me come to terms that this unfortunate situation would probably be a lifelong issue. Any previous attempts to wean myself off any of these medications was met with absolute failure. After being on GYE for about one month, I felt a menuchas hanefesh that I did not know existed. Bli ayin hora I slowly dropped one medication. Of course, I went to speak this over with my psychiatrist who was so excited with my progress that b'ezras Hashem, we are now a few days into weaning me off the next medication. Despite this being a difficult process, things are BH looking good. Believe it or not, doc (who happens to be one of the most highly recommended - and expensive) actually suggested that if this phase goes well, I should attempt to drop the third after another two months without incident. (Don't worry, I am going to be super careful - I know all too well what mental illness looks like....)
Do you realize what this means?! You are giving me a new lease on life!! May Hashem truly bless all the GYE people - founders, supporters, technicians etc. along with all the chevra from the forums and the phones with an overabundance of brocho and more brocho and even more brocho!