Sunday, 22 January 2012

GYE = Loving All Yidden

by Yosef Hatzadik (See all authors)

A while ago I noticed that GYE is helping my Ahavas Yisroel. How? Well, I know that the vast majority of GYE' ers don't come from the same background as I do. They aren't part of the same segment of Klal Yisroel as I am. Since my only connection with them is through striving toward a shared goal, there is only love in my heart toward them. Then, upon meeting Yidden from other segments, like the Modern-Orthodox community, etc. I found myself thinking, "who knows if this guy isn't one of my friends from GYE?" This thought expanded into liking those Yidden too!

Recently I started thinking, why should this love only extend towards people who are more modern than me? Why not also in the other direction? With this thought, I started thinking that I ought to love those ultra chasidishe people who I disliked for their closed mindedness, etc.. (Most people tend to think of themselves as well balanced. Anyone who does more than me is overdoing it; whoever does less than me in avodas Hashem is slacking off, C"V :-))

Thank you for this added benefit of Ahavas Yisrael that I received through your holy work!