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GYE Babies

obormottel Thursday, 08 June 2017

I get a Mazal Tov, I had a baby boy now, and it's a miracle of GYE!

Let me tell you the story in short:

About a year and a half ago, when I first came to your site, I had 5 daughters and no sons. I met a partner on GYE with 5 boys and no girls. We became very close and began to work together through the 12-Step program. We had long talks about the guilt we both felt in our "using" shmutz, and that perhaps because of that we didn't merit having a son/daughter.

Anyway, as we started on the path to recovery, I suggested to him that we both daven for each other; that he daven for me that I have a boy and I'll daven for him that he have a girl.

And lo and behold, about 3 months ago he had a girl and this week I had a boy!

Everyone is excited and they're pointing to all types of segulos we might have done, but only me, my partner (and Hashem, of course!) know what's really behind it

Yasher Koach