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GYE and SA

obormottel Monday, 22 August 2016

GYE was indeed very useful in helping me realise, over a period of time, that I was actually an addict, rather than simply having issues with shemiras einayim. I have therefore now joined a local SA group.

I tried the 90 day challenge, and when I repeatedly failed to achieve it, that led me to Dov's phone call, which, to my shock, led me to realising that I am an addict. When the calls were still not enabling me to stop acting out, Dov put me in touch with a local SA member which ultimately led me to joining SA.

I am making some progress, BH, but still have a long way to go. However, I do believe/hope/ pray that it is possible for me to achieve long term sobriety.

I don't think I would have gotten to SA were it not for GYE, so I am definitely grateful to you. I do think it may be useful for SA to be more clearly signposted on the site for those who are addicted.

Thanks again.