Thursday, 06 April 2017

GYE: A Universal Benefit

by GYE Member (See all authors)

"Pe Re" writes:

I live in Argentina, I'm not really Jewish, but appreciate this network which helps fight what all religions deem a sin.

I want to tell, now I started study in a mixed college, it's full of young ladies who are very much uncovered. Same in the streets, fashion posters, Metro so on. I discarded watching TV, movies, so on. I erased my social media, also, and hide my own cell phone to avoid re-opening my accounts.

Many athletes and scientists say loss of semen means loss of power, vigour, muscle tone, and strength in general. I want that power! I hate the feeling of feebleness one suffers after an emission. I always dreamed of being a powerful man, like a boxer, or a weightlifter. But even Mike Tyson was said to abstain from sex from 3 years.

The main test is looking at the floor discretely every day during class. it's a tough fight!

But I feel a mighty man now. Satan is using an army against us, and i haven't given in yet.