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Giving, that's the way of living

By Lomdei Chesed

obormottel Tuesday, 12 September 2017

If one doesn’t want to give,

One can’t really live.

Of course, one is alive, physically,

But what joy is there practically?

If I live for my own selfish desires,

How can there be anything greater to aspire?

If I feel satiated and content,

There is no room to grow or repent.

Meaning is attached to truth, that’s a gift,

When I indulge in taavah, I feel the rift.

However hard I try to block the void,

It’ll remain as long as my neshama I avoid.

This is what I learned from experience,

You see, I tried all sorts of indulgence,

All for the purpose of ego, selfishly,

But alas, satisfaction eluded me.

Yearning for fulfillment, praying with desperation,

Guided directly to the medium of my salvation.

A journey of growth began,

Never stop improving, that’s the plan.

The point that helped me most above all,

Was practising giving, especially when it’s small.

The purpose not being to pat myself on the back,

Rather an opportunity to do what’s right, fill the lack.

By the very fact that it’s right in His eyes,

Makes the action pleasant, not something to despise.

The good feeling gains momentum,

Overlapping happiness in all directions.

Thank You, Hashem, for guiding me this way,

Having experienced emptiness of days,

My appreciation now is immense,

Rooted deep from my essence.