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From Boy to Man

obormottel Tuesday, 05 January 2016

In Jan 2012, a boy wrote:

I discovered GYE at age 14 while travelling in Israel, and I am now 16 and have been clean for two years thanks to the great support! After falling today, I signed up to GYE finally with my own account and I am very optimistic that I should return to the straight path and not allow it to happen again! Never give up!

Today, 4 years later (6 years after finding GYE), he wrote:

Hi everyone! Good news! Boruch Hashem, I'm a Chosson and I'll be getting Married in EY IYH to a very good girl from a beautiful chassidish family. I learnt to speak Yiddish and rarely use the Tumineh internet, besides occasionally in the presence of "shomrim." I'm working on becoming a Rov, learning the Shulchan Oruch for the official tests, and most importantly, so I could best serve Hashem with every drop of my existence. Love you all! Thank you all for the support and care that was much needed to keep me going in hard times, to pursue my dreams of living a life where Hashem is my pride!