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Facing the Monsters

GYE Corp. Monday, 06 February 2012

"7Up" writes some chizuk to "theOne" on the forum:

Our fears and feelings often run - and ruin - our lives. The more we run from them, the faster they chase us; sending us on a never-ending journey of "escape", which can lead us to the darkest caves and holes in the world.

Until one day - if we are lucky - we realize that the places we have resorted to hiding in, are so much darker and scarier than the things we were running from!

If you are here at GYE, it means you have decided to face those monsters now. And while the process may be painful at times, remember, you are not alone. Not only are we all here for you, ready to hold your hand whenever needed, but most important of all, your Tatty in shamayim is waiting to help you; to hold you and help ease the way.

All you have to do is ask Him.


"theOne" responds:

Until now, "acting out" was a solution; a bad one - and not even really helpful, but it gave me that NUMB feeling. It actually let me forget everything for 5 seconds. Then life got miserable again, and even worse.

And that's why I'm here on GYE.

And that's why I owe Guard and Mom (7up) and everybody else, my life.

GYE was my last step.

I'm not just saying that I was almost dead. I really mean it...

Ever since I've become a GYE-er, I've changed so much. The amount of support I get... and chizuk and love and knowledge. Even my friends tell me that they see I am trying to change for the good :-)

I never really had the chance to thank you to everybody, especially Reb Guard and Mom for EVERYTHING. You are saving WORLDS daily!