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Eye.nonymous hits 180 Days Clean!

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 180 was rather uneventful.

On day 90 I had this feeling, "Okay, I made it, what now?"

But now I see that there's always deeper levels of dirt to clean off. Higher levels of awareness to reach. Greater levels of freedom to gain.

Every day just keeps getting better.

I was talking with my wife about some of the changes I have undergone recently, especially in being less selfish and understanding her view of intimacy.

Well, after she stopped laughing, she said, "YOU FINALLY UNDERSTAND! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?"

Of course, I attributed it to GuardYourEyes and to Duvid Chaim's calls. She said, "You REALLY started changing since you started the phone calls with Duvid Chaim." And, I think she's right.

I wanted to say this because at first I had serious reservations about joining Duvid Chaim's group. I asked myself, "AM I REALLY THAT BAD?! I only mast*** every once in a while, and once every so often my Yetzer Hara gets the best of me on the internet."

But I met Duvid Chaim at one of the GYE kumzitzes in the Holy Land a few months ago, and I could sense from him that THERE'S A LOT MORE TO RECOVERY THAN JUST STAYING CLEAN. He just overflows with joy, every second. I admitted to myself that I DON'T HAVE THAT - AND I WANT IT, TOO!

So, here I am on the calls. And each day just keeps getting better, B"H!