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Curb my curiosity

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Today is 28. Wow! What clarity after 4 weeks of total staying away from lusting, and playing around the perimeter of lust.

I know I have to be careful to curb my curiosity, and stay away from pitfalls.

I am channeling my urges into reading and posting on this forum.

For this whole period of time, I have kept clear of ANY purposeful looking at anything unseemly, and whenever confronted with a sight with sexual connotations for me (and I am overly sensitive to that) - I turn away my eyes and mind, trying to look at my Tziztis.

I know that I have gained much more presence of mind, and I have more attention to give to my wife and family.

I know that there are others who are struggling like me, and we are pulling and praying for each other.

I know I can't let you all down.

I'm not pressured, rather much less pressured than when I was living in the LIE of a double life.

I am thankful to HaShem for this site and the wonderful originators and maintainers.
I am thankful to HaShem for these weeks of cleanliness.
I am thankful to HaShem for finding sincere company on my journey.
I am thankful to HaShem for a calmer heart and mind.
I am thankful to HaShem for having more love in my heart for real people.
I am thankful to HaShem for this opportunity to serve him.

I pray every day for the "Guard your Eyes Guys".