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Conduct in Public Places

Since I have subscribed, I tried to fight against my Yetzer HaRa, and it had been a brutal war. Baruch HaShem, my cellphone is "calm." But the problem is the women in the streets. I cannot think of anything good, and sometimes, I don't feel G-d around me. If there was any way to help me...

Thank you for helping me in this struggle. Blessings of HaShem upon you.

-Street Fighter

Dear Fighter,
here are some suggestions from GYE members about conduct on the streets:

obormottel Monday, 26 February 2018
Part 2/4 (to see other parts of the article, click on the pages at the bottom)
"In terms of walking outside and having to deal with all of the billboards, women dressed so improperly, flashing pictures and all, there’s a beautiful vort that one must prepare for the challenges of the street and workplace in the same way that Yaakov Avinu prepared for the challenge of meeting Eisav.

"Yaakov Avinu took 3 steps: 1) Strategy – splitting his camps so that at least one camp could flee if the other was attacked; 2) Prepare for battle; 3) Tefillah.

"In the same way, before we embark on an encounter with the challenging world, we too must prepare with these 3 steps:

1) Strategy – figuring out if there’s another, less challenging way, to travel or get to our destination (“Darka Achrina”) or perhaps to read a book on a train, or make a phone call if applicable, or whatever strategy may help alleviate and avoid the challenges.

2) Prepare for battle – to charge oneself up beforehand, knowing what you may see, and getting ready to not take “a second look.” As mentioned in the GYE materials “the first look is on G-d, and the second look is on YOU” (meaning He prepared this challenge, and that first glance is not your fault YOUR job is not taking that second glance.)

3) Tefilla – offering an (even quick) Tefillah before venturing outside or anywhere challenging that Hashem help us overcome this huge challenge of our generation.

In this way, we’re prepared like Yaakov Avinu!"

-Rabbi SB

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