Thursday, 15 December 2011

Brings Me to Tears

by Dovek Bashem (See all authors)

We are really a lucky people. There is a whole world outside of this site that has not only immersed itself completely in garbage but, even more unfortunately, has called that normal and settled for a life that wallows in p** and quick-fix stimulation.

We, on the other hand, despite being dragged down in the dirt (or should I say quicksand?), can clearly see, touch and feel the glory of an entirely different world. One that elevates us beyond any physical pleasure. One that envelops us in a warm and loving relationship with the transcendent Creator of ourselves and of our universe. It really is something incredible that can bring you to tears just by the lack of words to describe how privileged we really are, and how amazing our world truly is. We are an amazing people. G-d gave us a gift of indescribable depth and significance. Every night, before kriat shmah, we describe G-d's torah by saying "ki hem chayeinu v-orech yameinu"... this is true life, and this is what it means to truly be living. HaKadosh Baruch Hu wants us to choose life - v-chai bahem; u-vacharta ba-chayim etc... - and we are all in the process of choosing life and, more importantly, finally learning what it really means to live.

Ashreinu ma tov chelkeinu... ki hem chayeinu v-orech yameinu.