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Bas Melech now feels like the true daughter of The King

Back in 2014, a young girl wrote to us:
Dear GYE, 
I'm 13 years old. I know I'm young, and when I speak about this everyone - my psychologist and others - they ask me how it happened that a 13-year-old girl has this problem: I've been addicted for 3 years already!
I'm begging you, I need a place to go forward, I can't go on anymore like this. Myself, I don't understand why I had to be led to these sites at such an age. For the last year since I became bas mitzva I have been desperately fighting this, though on constant occasions I act out to porn and at such a young age had relations.
Please, you're my last hope. Can you give me some guidance?
Thank you in advance
Bas Melech

obormottel Monday, 09 November 2015

In November 2015, she wrote again:

Dear Guard Your Eyes,

I'm another story which you can turn the page on! Of course, I have tears running down my cheek as I say this: I am past 300 days clean already. I know that without the incredible team at GYE, I would have never gotten up. There would just have been a lonely teen with only boys and pornography for comfort.

I feel like a bird. I feel that for once I have been set free to fly and just grow forever. GYE has been that mother eagle to me. When everything just got so tough, you spread your wings guiding me out of the tidal wave of pornography and boys.

I just turned 15. You have given me the opportunity to still have a life of true happiness ahead of me. Please keep up the work you do, it's just amazing!

May Hashem repay you millions of times over. Even though because of my age and financial situation, I can't help you with money, if there's anything I can do to help you, it would be amazing and a massive pleasure.

Thank you again for pulling me out the mud. With so much hakaras hatov,

Bas Melech, who now truly feels like the daughter of The King.


Dear Bas Melech,

congratulations on 300 days clean! Keep up the good work.

By sharing your story you are helping us already - us and thousands of girls and boys who will read this and get inspired to change their lives for the better. So thank you!

May G-d Almighty bless you and keep you!


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