Wednesday, 15 November 2017

An awesome opportunity

By Mustaine

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An awesome opportunity

It was the week before Rosh HaShanah and I decided I will try to hold out from porn and masturbation the whole week. I was having a hard time but I kept pushing through. Then, a couple of days before the Yom HaDin, I was doing work in a place and there were some triggers there. I kept holding out but it got so strong I thought I would just give in. I literally fell to the floor because it was so hard not to do anything, and while I knelt on the floor I said, "Hashem, please, You know how badly I want this! Please help me get through it." The second I i got up, I felt totally different and was able to make it past Rosh HaShana clean. Later, I was thinking: "Look at the opportunity we have that even great gedolim never had. We can reach higher levels of kedusha then anyone. How jealous (in a good way) they must be of what we can accomplish with this struggle!"