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Ain Ben Chorin Ela Mi She'Osek Ba'Torah

GYE Corp. Sunday, 27 November 2011

You know how they say that the Torah's restrictions free a person?

Well by working on myself to overcome this addiction, I am really starting to feel it down to my bones and tummy.

It's like, now that I don't come home, collapse on my bed, open my laptop and 'do my thing', I am so much freer.

Let me explain:
By setting boundaries, restricting myself, I can do so much more.
I am no longer wasting hour after hour gazing blankly at a screen.
I am doing stuff; calling people I haven't spoken to in forever, writing emails, letters, cute notes for my siblings.
I am stopping on the street to shmooze with people, cuz why rush home, right?
I am cleaning up and reorganizing everything.
I'm putting together puzzles, hanging out with my siblings, taking my siblings and neighbor's kids on outings
Even my writing I enjoy more, because I'm not just 'trying to get it over with'...

My life is so much richer and exciting and fulfilling now that I don't let myself 'do whatever I want'

That's what it means, "keeping the Torah so that you can be free" - it means you can have the best life that is possible for you.

Not being a slave to our desires, opens us up to true freedom.